Information for Rotarians

Sponsoring An Exchange Student

Australian Sponsor Club - Counsellor Responsibilities

Every Australian student going overseas will be allocated a counsellor from the Australian sponsoring Rotary club.  This Rotarian will help you with your district application and guide you in the many things you will need to know before your departure.  The counsellor will also keep in touch with you while you are away, so the better you get to know each other before you leave, the easier it will be to discuss any problems while you are overseas.

Your Australian Club Counsellor is responsible for the following:

  • Providing general support in your preparations for going away.
  • Briefing you on the history and function of Rotary.
  • Providing you with specific information about your sponsor club.
  • Arranging a supply of club banners, (we suggest six).
  • Assisting you with your standard presentation and organising for you to give it to your club before you depart.
  • Arranging for you and your parents to attend several club functions prior to departure.
  • Arranging a farewell function at the club.
  • Assisting with check-in procedures etc. at the airport.
  • Corresponding regularly with you and keeping in touch with your parents.
  • Relaying news of you to the club.
  • Being at the airport to welcome you home.
  • Organising for you to address your club on your year away.
  • Helping you to settle in when you return home.
  • Organising to come with you and your parents to the Debriefing.